Termidor 96SC


Termidor 96SC

KSh 27,000.00

Termidor 96SC is the best termiticide for termite control in Kenya guaranteeing the best long-lasting results for termites.


Termidor 96SC.

Termidor 96SC is an anti-termite control chemical. It’s a common Termite control insecticide in Kenya. Most companies may have different though close Termidor 96sc price.

Termidor Anti Termite.

A termiticide for the control of Termites in buildings and the construction industry that offers a long residual effect. We have the Best price offer for Termidor 96sc. Be that you are looking for the Best anti-termite control insecticide in Kenya, then We have covered you. you can also purchase this product at a similar price from Kenya’s best providers of bed bug control solutions. Get it Here.

Termidor 96 sc Price in Kenya.

Termidor 96SC price in Kenya, Termite control insecticide in Kenya

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Additional Information.

Termidor 96 SC is a superior suspension concentrate residual insecticide with contact and stomach action effective for the control of Termites. Get Termidor  96SC For your pest control needs, it’s effective in the eradication of termites to a large extent in premises and homes.

Mode of Action of Termidor Termite Chemical.

Fibrinol mechanism of action is through contact thus making it have a high residual effect and a lasting effect. It’s recommended for outdoor use only.

termite pesticide termidor

Termidor is the best approach to control termites. A termiticide that uses modern technology in chemical reactions to control stubborn termites. It applies for use at home, in industries, and on construction sites. It has fipronil (phenyl pyrazole) as an active ingredient. Feel free to buy Termidor termite chemical or Termidor termiticide in our best offers.

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