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Gladiator chemical price in Kenya

Original price was: KSh 7,500.00.Current price is: KSh 6,500.00.

Buy Gladiator Termite Control Chemical in Kenya and say goodbye to termites.

Gladiator chemical price in Kenya.

Gladiator chemical price in Kenya. Buy Gladiator termiticide from the Best Sellers in Kenya. The only organophosphorus insecticide fully tested and recommended for termite control in Kenya. We give the best as compared to Others.

Gladiator Ant Termite.

Are you Looking for a Gladiator chemical price in Kenya? Gladiator 4TC is the most effective treatment against termites. It is efficient for application in buildings, fabricated or timber houses, and extermination of termite populations in farms, gardens, terraces, and lawns.

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Active Ingredient of Gladiator Termiticide

Termiticide Concentrate Chlorpyrifos 480g/l

Chlorpyrifos 480g/l Mode of Action

It kills insects by contact, ingestion, and fumigant action. It causes acute poisoning and disrupts activities in the nervous system of an insect resulting in its death.

Benefits of Gladiator Termiticide.

  1.  The only organophosphorus insecticide fully tested and recommended for termite control in Kenya.
  2. Has been tested for many years in the USA and demonstrated control for over 10 years.
  3. Has very low water solubility and does not leach through non-target sites
  4. It s bio-friendly, it breaks readily in open sunlight and does not build up in the environment.
  5. In commercial applications, its concentration in the soil is less than 1ppm and has little or no harmful effect on other soil organisms.
  6. For all its residual power it can be cleaned up with soap and water or readily deactivated if necessary using household bleach.

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